Wave surge during storm   ···  

“It was a beautiful day, the sun beat down, I had the radio on, I was drivin'”

Tom Petty

Dune and beach sand at Lashley Beach   ···  
Reflective light along shore   ···  
People enjoying ocean at Ponguogue Beach   ···  
Sun reflected on water at Ponguogue Beach   ···  
Fog settling over beach homes at Pike's Beach   ···  
Lifeguard stand at end of day   ···  
View of ocean from Pavilion deck   ···  
Fishing along shoreline during storm   ···  
Bird flying over protected marshland on Dune Road   ···  
View of dunes in Hampton Bays   ···  
View of Dune Road from Shinnecock Bay   ···  
View of the Ocean from Ponguogue Pavillion   ···  
View of Dunes at at Cupsogue Beach   ···  
Children standing on dock at sunset on Dune Road   ···  
Ocean and sky after sunset at Pike's Bech   ···  
Pink clouds over ocean after sunset at Pike's Beach   ···  
Sunset at Lashley Beach on Dune   ···  
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