Interior Structure in the Ghost Town of Ruby, Arizona   ···  
Ghost towns are empty, quite places that stir the imagination. When you are in these places you begin to question what it might have been like to live in a mining town during the expansion of the American West. How difficult was it to create a community within such a rugged landscape and what was it like to reach the point where your only option was to move on after the mines had closed? For me the answer lies in the structures that remain from this period. They are the links to the past and to the people who built these towns.
Main Street, Superior Arizona   ···  
The historic Magma Hotel in Superior, Arizona   ···  
Street corner on the Main Street in Superior, Arizona   ···  
Sprouse Reitz Five and Dime Store in Superior, Arizona   ···  
Vulture City Ghost Town Mess Hall   ···  
Abandoned Mohawk Mini Market in Jerome, Arizona   ···  
General store in St. Elmo, Colorado   ···  
Prospector's Gulch in Jerome, Arizona   ···  
Pickup Truck in Ruby Ghost Won   ···  
Joe Bono Saloon in Gleeson, Arizona along the Ghost Town Trail   ···  
Vulture City Ghost Town Structure   ···  
Pearce Catholic Church along the Ghost Town Trail   ···  
Door Way of abandoned building at Ruby Ghost Town   ···  
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