Hand painted photograph of the Waldorf Tower, a nautical art deco building located on Ocean Drive in South Beach. Florida   ···  

South Beach Art Deco

The beauty and modern symbolism of art deco design represents the best of creativity in modern architecture.

South Beach, Florida has many art deco buildings that have been lovingly restored and preserved. Through the efforts of Barbara Baer Capitan, Leonard Horowitz and other community visionaries, this architectural haven became the first 20th century National Historic District in the United States.

Located in the southern region of Miami Beach, the area was developed primarily over a thirty year period, beginning in 1920’s when architects around the world became inspired by modern art shown at the Exposition of Modern and Decorative Arts in Paris.

The architects and designers who built South Beach created a unique design style, now often referred to as Tropical Deco. Using pastel colors and streamlined curves, they used nautical, tropical, and ocean liner motifs to create a dazzlingly seaside resort set against the Atlantic’s turquoise shoreline.

Today South Beach is said to have one of the largest collection of Art Deco architecture in the world. Take a walk along its streets and journey back in time to an important architectural movement that remains an stunning example of modern futurism.

Hand painted photograph of Art Deco South Beach building,built in 1940 by L. Murray Dixon has nautical details   ···  
Hand painted photograph of South Beach art deco building   ···  
Hand painted photograph of South Beach art deco roof top   ···  
Infrared black and white photograph of Leslie Hotel,  an Art Deco South Beach built by Alert Anis, located on Ocean Drive   ···  
Hand painted photograph of the Esssex House, built by Henry Hohauser in 1938   ···  
Hand painted photograph of South Beach art deco diner.   ···  
Hand painted photograph pf South Beach lifeguard stand   ···  
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