Fish Market Restaurant on Fulton Street and Pier 17
Empty tables at East Village Pub, NYC
Man passing market in New York City at night
Former Fulton Fish Market at South Street in New York City
Crossing Sixth Avenue on a rainy evening in New York City
Neon shoe repair in alley way in New York City
People silhouetted against sky at Central Park reservoir
Woman walking past boarded up tenement building in New York City
Man standing at Manhattan Municipal Building Arcade
Man passing past garage park enter sign
Man passing the Globe Pub from the 1800's in Gramercy Park, New York City
Vintage store on West 14th Street in Manhattan, NYC
Disembarking the State Island Ferry at Whitehall Ferry Terminal in New York City
Sky Bridge over Staple Street in Tribeca, NYC
Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn
Walking through city steam at night in NYC
Sun setting between buildings in Midtown Manhattan, NYC
Waiting at bus shelter on a rainy evening in Manhattan, NYC
Colorful building and street vendors in Midtown Manhattan, NYC
Street lights reflections behind bus stop chairs in NYC
Bowling Green Station in Lower Manhattan at night
Man entering Fanelli Cafe through etched gall doors
Lexington Candy Shop on the Upper East Side, NYC
Pier 17 Entrance, South Street Seaport, NYC
Fulton Street corner at South Street Seaport, NYC
Smith's Bar Times Square, NYC
Manhattan Bridge graffiti in Downtown NYC
Fulton Street at the South Street Seaport
Dublin House Pub on Upper West Side
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