Lower East Side Deli, NYC

The cultural character of New York neighborhoods has been vanishing for years as local shops are replaced by luxury condos and corporate chain stores.

The images in this projects include businesses that have survived these changes and continue to connect us to our past.

Lower East Side Hosiery Shop, NYC
Italian Pastry shop in the East Village, NYC
Cigar Shop in Little Italy, NYC
Meat Market, Nolita, NYC
Tea Parlor, Chinatown, NYC
Jazz Club, West Village, NYC
Punk Store, East Village, NYC
Appliance Dealers, East Village NYC
Bakery/deli, Lower East Side, NYC
Coffee Bean Store, East Village, NYC
Kosher Diner, East Village, NYC
Polish Meat Market, East Village, NYC
Garment Store, Lower East Side, NYC
Italian Speciality Food Shop, East Village, NYC
Hipster Bar Lower East Side, NYC
Appetizing store on Lower East Side, NYC
Drug Store, East Village, NYC
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