Carnegie Deli closed at the end of 2016.

Mom-and-pop stores have always been the heart and soul of New York City, giving each neighborhood a unique character and sense of place. But over the years, city rents have skyrocketed and small business owners have had to close their doors.

Many of these mom-and-pop shops were part of their communities for decades and the people who live in these communities feel a sense of loss. To honor these small businesses for their contribution in making New York a diverse and vibrant place to live, I have photographed what is left behind once a business has permanently closed its doors and the lights go out for the last time.

Farewell letters to customer posted in store windows, company signs and awnings still part of the facade, furniture discarded behind glass doors, they are all signs of what is vanishing in our neighborhoods. Every day, one by one, we lose the heart and soul of our communities.

Carnegie Deli thank you sign to customers.
Blue Door diner on 7th Avenue and 28th street closed after 36, year, 5 months, and 15 days.
The Blue Door greek diner served breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Blue Door Diner lunch counter is now empty.
Italian restaurant in East Village closed
Lanza's Restaurant, opened in 1904, was forced to close in 2016.
Evergreen Diner went dark on December 31, 2016.
Forced out of business after 25 years.
Murray Hill restaurant closed
Restaurnt Door Closed
Protesting hyper-gentrification in the East Village.
South Street in the Old Futon Market area
Storefront space for rent everywhere throughout the city.
Southern flavor on East 13th Street for 10 years
East of Eighth Restaurant Closed
East of Eighth Cutomer Thank You Letter
Orchard Street closing
The Diner Reception Desk
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